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Welcome to Rubrica.

This iPad app will assist you to create and manage rubrics, manage student lists and use rubrics to assess students against their assessment tasks.


Features include:

  • Creating and managing  rubrics 
    • Create your own simple or complex rubrics.
    • Share your rubrics via email or the online rubrica community.
    • Import rubrics sent to you or import from the rubrica web site.
    • Print or export (pdf) your rubrics for students and colleagues.
  • Managing student lists
    • Set up a list of students and assign them to classes.
    • Import a group of students from files or add them individually.
    • Add pictures, email, contact details and notes etc for students.
    • Email class groups or individual students.
  • Create learning tasks for classes
    • Create a learning tasks that a class is assessed on.
    • Associate an appropriate rubric to each task created.
  •  Assessment using Rubrica
    • Easily assess each student on the Task/Rubric by simply tapping the screen for the appropriate level of each of the Rubric’s criteria.
    • Results can be printed or shared as a PDF.